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About Kilcooley Women's Centre Northern Ireland

Kilcooley Women's Centre, based in the Kilcooley Estate in Bangor has provided services for women in North Down since 1995. The Women's Centre is a key player within the wider Kilcooley area and works collaboratively with other agencies towards improved outcomes for all residents of the estate, with a particular focus on early intervention programmes and projects to address educational underachievement and poor health and wellbeing outcomes

The Centre has been acknowledged as a valuable asset within the community and has developed a diverse range of services to meet the identified needs of women, children and their families living within the Kilcooley and wider Ards & North Down area. Local women are involved in the staffing and management of the centre. Kilcooley Women's Centre is a key provider of training, health awareness, childcare and young women's activities and leads on community based education in the area.  Based in Kilcooley Primary School, we work in close partnership with the School team and Governors, complimenting their service, whilst maintaining an unobtrusive presence in the building.  Child protection policies are in place within KWC to ensure safeguarding of vulnerable groups is maintained.  We also comply with child protection mechanisms relating to Kilcooley Primary School and SEELB.

The Centre offers a welcoming environment, where local women can engage in a wide portfolio of activities, including training and education, employability skills, health and wellbeing programs, peace and reconciliation activities, arts programs and personal development programs to build skills, confidence and self-esteem.

The centre operates a regional programme across the Ards North Down and Peninsula area, working from Holywood, the gateway to Co. Down to the tip of Portaferry at the most distant part of the peninsula.  This work links urban and rural, crosses the different community and social divides and has developed a positive proactive working partnership with the Co. Down Rural Network linking towns and villages.  The partnership considers collaboration and transfer of innovation, experience and sharing of resources, skills and expertise is the way forward for women, children and families residing or working in the Ards North Down region.